The Oviedo Police Foundation was established in 2013 as an independent, non-profit organization (under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) by a group of Oviedo citizens who desire to enhance the Oviedo Police Department. The Foundation raises money through fundraisers and donation and DOES NOT solicit by telephone or telemarketers.

The foundation is run entirely by volunteers with no paid employees. With the exception of minimal operating expenses such as website costs, postage, and other incidental costs, nearly 100% of the donations and funds raised go directly to the officers and the police department. All distributed funds and purchases must be approved by a board vote in accordance with the foundation’s bylaws. Therefore, you can rest assured that the money you donate to assist the officers will reach them and directly benefit the department.

Your donations and all money raised are used to:

  • Assist officers and their families due to financial crisis or unforeseen hardships, like serious medical issues
  • Purchase supplemental equipment for the officers or the department
    an example of this was the purchase of body armor for all school resource officers at the Oviedo public schools
  • Provide additional training for the officers as needed and directed by the Chief of Police
  • Provide additional education opportunities for officers
  • Reward officers, such as the department’s Officer of the Year

The Officers and Board of Directors:

Jeffrey Chudnow – President
Kelly Sue Stonebreaker – Vice President, Stonebreaker Home Team
Dominic Persampiere – Treasurer
Tori Myers – Secretary

Board Members:

Jeffrey Campbell, State Farm
Chief Jeff Chudnow (Ret.)
Janet Livingston
Tim Moran, Moran Law
Kathy Hunt
Kristie Kingsland, As the Tail Wags
Jim Gordon, Beers and Gordon
Brian Tadros, BDT Law Firm
Jeff Boddiford
Matthew Schwartz Founder of OPF/ Honorary Board Member
Rick Mason
Chris Fox
Ed Filliben
Terri Martini

Non-voting Board Member:
Chief Dale Coleman – City of Oviedo Police Department


Use of Funds

The Foundation does not replace municipal funding, as the City of Oviedo funds the Police Department annually through the budget process. The Foundation funds are designed only to be a supplement in an effort to allow the Oviedo Police Department to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, strategies, and training necessary to best serve our community, which are not covered in the Department’s annual budget.

Citizen Stakeholders

The private sector and citizens of Oviedo have a tangible stake in the success of the Oviedo Police Department and the continuing safety and security of our city.  The Oviedo Police Foundation serves a dynamic role by linking private investment donations with effective public safety solutions. The Foundation strives to leverage private resources to enhance law enforcement services for Oviedo residents and business owners.